Faraja Daniel Namkesa

Name: Faraja Daniel Namkesa, B.A, MA (UDSM)

Title: Assistant Lecturer, Department of Geography
Area of Specialization:

            Natural resources governance (Coastal resources and wetlands governance)


  • Kweka, O. L., Namkesa, F., Morrison, Z.J. and Silvano, P. (2018). The Early and Expected Impact of Oil and Gas on Coastal Communities: the case of Mtwara and Kilwa districts in Tanzania, book chapter in Aspects of oil and gas in Tanzania edited by Opportuna Kweka and H. I. Majamba, TUKI, UDSM.
  • Kweka, O. L., Katikiro, R., Minja, R. and Faraja Namkesa. Forthcoming. Towards an integrated fisheries management: A Comparison of Beach Management Units and Marine parks. NEPSUS working paper.
  • Katikiro Robert, Opportuna Kweka, Faraja Namkesa, Stefano Ponte and Rasul Minja. 2017. Sustainability Partnership for Management of Coastal Resources in Tanzania, NESPUS working paper
  • Kweka, Opportuna Leo. Robert Katikiro, Rasul Minja and Faraja Namkesa. 2017. Partnership for Governance of Coastal Resources, NESPSUS working paper.
  • Ponte, S., Noe, C., Kweka, O., Mshale, B., Sulle, E., Brockington,D., Kalumanga, E., Minja, R.A., Budeanu, A., Mwamfupe, A., Henriksen,L.F., Olwig, M.,F., Silvano, P., Namkesa, F. , John, R.,  Katikiro, R.,  Mabele, M.B. 2017. New Partnerships for Sustainability (NEPSUS) Concepts, Research Design and Methodologies. NEPSUS Working paper

International Conferences

  1. ASA-UK conference, Birmingham, 11-13 September 2018
  2. Voice of social Sciences (VSS) 7th December 2018


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Mobile: +255763330125