Mr Musa S Mwitondi

B.A., M.A. (Dar)


Areas of Specialization: Lithic technology, Agropastoralism archaeology, Environmental archaeology, Heritage conservation and Public archaeology.


Academic Biography

Mr. Mwitondi is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies of University of Dar es Salaam after gaining his BA degree in History and Archaeology in 2008 and MA degree in Archaeology in 2012. His MA research examined the cultural history and the culture capability of hunter gatherer society of Lake Victoria Basin at Kasoma rock shelters in the Mara region.


Research Interest

His research interest focuses onestablishing the geochronological sequence ofNeolithic sites in the Lake Eyasi Basin with special emphasis on the interplay between culture and nature to figure out how environment and climatic conditions supported human lives in the Mid Holocene. He has also conducted several researches on community awareness and conservation of cultural heritage resources in both Kasoma village in the Mara region and Saadani village in the Coast region.


Current Projects

Mr. Mwitondi is currently pursuing his PhD entitled “Establishing the Geochronological Sequence of Neolithic Adaptations during the Mid Holocene in the Lake Eyasi Basin”.



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