Mr Makarius P Itambuli

B.A., M.A. (Dar)


Areas of Specialization:Ethnobotany, Palaeobotany, Palaeoecology, Palaeolithic, Biological Anthropology, Human Origins.




Makarius is an Assistant Lecturer currently pursuing his PhD in Archaeology and Anthropology at Calgary, Canada. He got his first degree in Archaeology and History from University of Dar es Salaam in 2007, and a Master degree in Archaeology from the same university in 2013.


Research Interests

Although Makarius did his Master degree research in Rock Arts, he is currently widening his research interests towards Plio-Pleistocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction using proxy data such as phytoliths.


Current Project(s)

Makarius’ PhD project reads ‘Paleoenvironmental reconstructions of Olduvai Gorge Beds I and II (1.8-1.3mya.) using multi-proxy data to determine early hominins’ plant diets.

Paleoanthropological Research in Olduvai Gorge, Northern Tanzania, titled: Stone tools, Diet, and Sociality at the Dawn of Humanity, From 2015 to present


Past/Completed Projects

  1. Archaeological investigations on the transition from Later Stone Age to the Iron Age in the Singida region-central Tanzania, from 2009-2010; and Survey, Documentation, Recording and Management strategies for rock art of Singida East, from 2013 to 2017.
  2. Research on the evolution of modern humans in Iringa Region, southern Tanzania, from 2011-2013
  3. Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment (CHIA) in relation to climate change and biodiversity in Rungwe district, Mbeya region, from 2010-11
  4. Archeological survey and documentation of Rock Arts of Iringa region, southern Tanzania from 2011-2016
  5. Research on the evolution of modern humans in Lake Eyasi Basin, Northern Tanzania, from 2014 to present



Book Chapter

Itambu, M.P. (2015). Rediscovering the intriguing patrimonies depicted in rock shelters of Iringa, Tanzania. In Runge J.(ed.) Changing Climates, Ecosystems and Environments within Arid Southern Africa and Adjoining Regions: Palaeoecology of Africa 33: 10.



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