Dr Thomas Biginagwa

BA, MA (Dar), PhD (York)




Dr. Biginagwa obtained his Doctorate from York in 2012. His thesis examined animal economies practiced by local communities against the context of the expansion of the caravan trade in north-eastern Tanzania during the nineteenth century. Dr. Biginagwa’s broad research interest is on understanding how contemporary landscapes, habitats and cultures were shaped by changing human-environment interactions after the incorporation of East Africa into the North Atlantic trade system after c. 1500AD. Dr. Biginagwa teaches various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the department, notably Faunal Analysis in Archaeology, Archaeology of Tanzania, Heritage Laws and Policies, and People and Cultures in Africa.


Areas of Specialization:Faunal analysis in Archaeology/Zooarchaeology, & Material culture


Current Projects


Completed Projects



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