Lecturer and Coordinator, Centre of Kiswahili for Foreigners, Institute of Kiswahili Studies

B.A (Ed.) Hons; M.A (Ling) Dar; PhD. (KwaZulu-Natal)


  • Teaching and Learning of Kiswahili as Second/Foreign Language
  • African Languages in Education
  • Language Policy and Planning
  • Translation and Interpreting


Language policy and planning; second/foreign language acquisition/learning


  1. The Global Promotion and Internationalisation of Kiswahili Language in Africa and Beyond
  2. Ufundishaji wa Kiswahili kama Lugha ya Kigeni kwa Njia ya Mtandao
  3. Teaching and Learning of Kiswahili Using other African Indigenous   Languages                                              


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The Change of Language of Instruction from Kiswahili to English in Tanzanian Diploma Teacher Training Colleges: A Case of Morogoro and Mtwara TTCs” in Papers in Education and Development: Journal of the Faculty of Education, University of Dar es Salaam, No. 26, 2006, ISSN 0856-4027, pp. 157-161