Tutorial Assistant, School Of Mines And Geosciences

BSc. In Applied Geology


Currently he is assisting in teaching the following courses:

  1.  Introduction to Geology and Geological processes: A first year course
  2. Introduction to surveying and mapping: A first year course
  3. Earth Materials: A first year course
  4. Geologic mapping I: A second year course
  5. Structural Geology:  A second year course
  6. Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing: A second year course

Applied Geochemistry: A third year course


The ongoing research project is;   

Remote sensing aided geological and geochemical investigation of Sangu-Ikola Carbonatites, south-western Tanzania


I am a tutorial assistant and a researcher at Department of Geosciences, School of Mines and Geosciences (SoMG), University of Dar es Salaam. My research interests are in Geology, Geographic information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) applications in studying the earth and earth’s resources.

I am passionate in teaching, researching and consulting in GIS and remote sensing applications on earth studies. Expertise in working with GIS software, geospatial databases, variety of GIS-related datasets and remotely sensed data. I have skills in data management, GIS mapping and imagery, data analysis and interpretation of results capable of making data-driven decisions, integrating several datasets and cartographic skills, I can produce geological maps, topographic maps, base maps, land use land cover maps, web maps and hydrological groundwater potential zone maps.

I work in teamwork with other Geoscientists and GIS specialists in applying Remote Sensing techniques and geological principles for understating the earth, natural resources, processes operating on the earth and the socio-economic impacts of those processes.