Lecturer, Institute of Marine Sciences

PhD (Marine Ecology), 2008–2013, University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania; MSc (Management of Natural Resources), 2001-2003, Norwegian University of Life Sciences; BSc.Ed (Biology), 1997–2001 University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


OC 101: Biological Oceanography I;

OC 107: Biological Oceanography II;

CR 108: Introduction to Integrated Coastal Zone;

OC 200: Scientific writing and communication;

OC 205: Biostatistics for Marine Scientists;

GI 602: Research Methodology;

MR 614: Integrated Coastal Zone Management;

MR 601: Utilization of Coastal and Marine Resources


Community ecology and benthic biodiversity of intertidal habitats (mangroves, seagrass beds, algal mats and rocky shores); Marine biodiversity data management;  ocean governance and integrated coastal zone management


  1. Designing Sustainable Community-Based Mangrove Harvesting and Restoration Models in Rufiji Delta, Tanzania. Funded by the UN Environment via SSFA
  2. Tanzania Marine Ecosystem Diagnostic Analysis (MEDA). Funded by the UN Environment via SSFA
  3. New Digital Technologies For Marine Biodiveristy Data Handling (NeDiT). Funded by German Government through GIZ
  4. Tanzania State of the Coast Report (TSOCR). Funded by WIOMSA