Lecturer, Dar Es Salaam University College Of Education

Lappeenranta University of Technology – Finland Ph.D. (Science) (2014)


  • Linear Algebra
  • Ordinary differential equation
  • Numerical analysis
  • Partial differential equation
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Abstract algebra
  • Linear Programming
  • Functions of single and Several Variables
  • Complex Analysis
  • Optimal Control Methods
  • Dynamical systems


Mathematical Epidemiology: - modeling the dynamics and effects of diseases such as; HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB,  Banana Wilt, Newcastle, Brucellosis, and Schistosomiasis. I also have great interests in modeling within-host disease dynamics. Furthermore, I have interest in the application of Optimal control approach to disease models. My research interest also extends to the applications of Bayesian Methodology to disease models.


  • Open Source Software and Web-based Technologies to Enhance Early Grade Teaching and Learning. Funding: DUCE Competitive Research and Innovation Grants – 2020. Duration: 1 year (January – December 2021). Researchers: Dr. Elimboto Yohana, Dr. Gasper Mwanga, Dr. Zubeda Musa, Dr. Florene Kyaruzi and Mr Ambokile Okey.
  • Gasper G Mwanga Participate as Secondary Proposer of the European COST project titled:  Investigating Avant-garde Mosquito Repellent Nano-technologies as Control Measures for Mosquito Transmitted Disease. The COST Action CA 16227 (IMAAC) is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.


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