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Name: Wilirk Ngalason Mrosso
College/School/Division: College Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Current Summarised CV:

Tel. +255 22 2410462 (Office),
Fax  +255 22 2410480 (Office),
Office: Science Complex Building, Room 310

Biodiversity inventories, vertebrate ecology, herpetology including a study on Kihansi spray toad and other amphibians in Kihansi gorge, Environmental Impact Assessment.
Consultancies and researches conducted: biological diversity surveys of the Mbarawala and Ruawa – Likonde plateaus in Lindi Region; amphibian and reptile fauna studies at the proposed hydroelectric power station at Igamba falls, Malagarasi River; wildlife fauna studies along the Iringa-Mbeya 400 kV Transmission Line; baseline studies on the small vertebrates of Buzwagi Gold Mining Project,  Buckreef-Busolwa Gold Project; faunal survey of the Golden Pride Project, Nzega, and Kabanga Nickel project; a study on the altitudinal distribution of herpetofauna on Mt. Kilimanjaro, ecology of anurans on the Lukwangule Plateau, Uluguru Mountains; an assessment of forest reserve values for endemic, near endemic and threatened amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal species in the Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania.

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