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Name: Razack B. Lokina
College/School/Division: College of Social Sciences
Role: Associate Professor and Head, Department of Economics
Current Summarised CV:

Name: Razack B. Lokina, BA, MA (Dar), PhD (Gothenburg)


Title: Associate Professor and Head, Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam


Areas of Specialization

Environmental and natural resources Economics, Poverty and Analysis, Behavioral Economics, Project Appraisal


  1. Selejio, S., R.B. Lokina and Mduma, J.K. (2018) Smallholder Agricultural Production Efficiency of Adopters and Nonadopters of Land Conservation Technologies in Tanzania. Journal of Environment & Development 0(0) 1-27: DOI: 10.1177/1070496518770235
  2. Kulindwa, Y.J; R. Lokina; E.O. Ahgrene (2018) Driving forces for households' adoption of improved cooking stoves in rural Tanzania Energy Strategy Reviews 20:102-112DOI 10.1016/j.esr.2017.12.005
  3. Telemu, K., P.B. Mmbando, R. Lokina,&, P. Mujinja, (2017) Perceptions of caretakers with different socioeconomic status about the harmful outcomes of fever in under-five children in Dodoma region, central Tanzania: a cross-sectional study (Alexandria Journal of Medicine Vol. xxxx2017xxx-xxx).
  4. Onesmo, S; Lokina R.B&Mduma J. K. (2017) Small-holder Agricultural production efficiency of adopters and non-adopters of land conservation technologies in Tanzania (JED-17-0112) Under review Journal of Environment and Development
  5. John,I;  H. Egelyng  and R. Lokina (2016)Tanzanian Food Origins and Protected Geographical Indications,  (Future Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society 4(2), 6-12)
  6. Lokina, R.B. & G. Mwanjela (2016) What does it take to be heard in Managing Marine Protected Areas? Insights from Tanzania Coastal Communities (African Journal of Economic Review, Vol (IV)(1) January 2016)




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Mobile: +255784 574 369

Skype: razack.lokina

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