Contact details
Title: Mr
Name: Lusato M. Majula
College/School/Division: Dar Es Salaam University College Of Education
Role: Assistant Lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Mr. Lusato M. Majula is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics (PMI). He holds M.Sc. in Physics (University of Dar es Salaam), B.Sc. Education Majoring Physics and Mathematics (University of Dar es Salaam). He teaches Electromagnetism, Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, Electronics, Experimental Physics, Physics Projects, Introduction to Informatics and Microcomputer, Material Sciences, Semiconductors and Solid-State Physics related courses for undergraduate level. His research interest is on Material Sciences, Semiconductors, Solar Cells, Photovoltaics, Solar energy and energy related materials. He performs various National Consultations related to Science, Education and Mathematics.


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