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Title: Mr
Name: Joseph Joachim Olomy
College/School/Division: College of Humanities
Role: Assistant Lecturer
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Level of Education:

BAED and MA in Linguistics, UDSM, Dar es Salaam

Specialised areas of teaching:

Science Communication, Development Communication, Advocacy Communication,

Research interests:

Science Communication, Development Communication

Recent projects:

PhD project – Communication of Scientific Findings to the Public: A Case of Genetically Modified Food in Kenya

Recent publications:

Upor, R. A., & Olomy, J. J. (2022). Vowel Perception and Production in Native ki-Swahili Speaking Children Acquiring English as a Foreign Language, Utafiti, 17(1), 81-106. doi:

Upor, R. A., & Olomy, J. J. (2021). The Role of Age and Exposure in English Vowel Perception and Production among Native Swahili Speakers, Parole: Journal of Linguistics and Education, 11 (2), 2021, 85-97.

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