Contact details
Title: Mr
Name: Jeremiah Andrew Kyomo
College/School/Division: College Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Role: Chief Laboratory Scientist
Current Summarised CV:


Mr Jeremiah Andrew Kyomo is a Chief Laboratory Scientist at the Department of Zoology and Wildlife Conservation within the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam. He has been a member of staff at UDSM since 1992. His duties are research, teaching, consultancy, maintenance of laboratory facilities, advising on procurement of laboratory facilities and performing various departmental activities.

He holds MSc. (Environmental Science) degree at International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE)-Delft, The Netherlands (2000-2001), BSc. in Zoology and Wildlife Ecology -University of Dar es Salaam (1994-1997) and Diploma in Animal Production, Uyole Agriculture Centre -Tanzania (1988-1990)

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