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Title: Prof
Name: Helen Lauer
College/School/Division: College of Humanities
Role: Professor
Current Summarised CV:

Professor Helen Lauer UDSM employ ID 04235

College of Humanities Dept. Philo &Relig Studies NIDA Reg19530810-14115-00001-11

Contracted professor (lecturer), current dept. coordinator for post graduate studies

Education:BA summa cum laude 1976 (Comparative Religions) City of New York Baccalaureate Programme CCNY & Hunter College; MPhil1983 (Philosophy) City University of New York Graduate Center; PhD 1986 (Philosophy) CUNY Graduate Center, 1986; BA 1999 (Mathematics) U. Ghana. Post Doctorate (Philosophy) Oxford University 1987.

Academic rank: Full Professor 2014. University of Ghana Philosophy & Classics Head of Department (2008-2012). Area of concentration: intentionality, philosophy of action, foundations of the social sciences. Areas of competency: philosophy of language, philosophy of mind. Research foci: ethical issues in development, foundations of cross cultural studies and social scientific explanation.

Recognitions: Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (FGA) inducted 2015.

Publication record research week prize for CoHU 2018

Editor, UTAFITI Journal of African Perspectives CoHU

Publications: Over 80 peer reviewed journal articles and edited anthologies.



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