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Name: Hashim Mangosongo
College/School/Division: College Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Role: Lecturer and Coordinator of undergraduate programmes in the college
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Tel.(Mobile):   +255 712 464 492.

                     +255 684 712 832

Hashim M. Mangosongo (PhD) is a lecturer in the department of Botany, College of Natural and Applied Sciences. Currently he serves as the coordinator of undergraduate programmes in the college. He holds a Bachelor degree in Science with Education, Master of Science degree in Plant Ecology and Conservation and PhD in Botanical Sciences, specializing in Plant Molecular Ecology and Genetics.

His research specialization and interest revolve around the areas of applied plant ecology and genetics, particularly their application in plant biodiversity conservation (conservation of plant individuals, populations, species and ecosystems), as well as in agriculture/crop production (plant breeding, plant productivity and soil science). He has conducted several basic and applied researches intended to: provide, advance or enrich knowledge on plant biodiversity, strengthen biodiversity conservation and/or improve rice yield or productivity. He has supervised several undergraduate and postgraduate researches and has published a number of research papers in both local and international journals.

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