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Title: Dr
Name: Hamisi H. Mwinyimvua
College/School/Division: University Of Dar Es Salaam School Of Economics
Role: Senior Lecturer
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Conference and Other Papers

  1. Mwinyimvua, H.H. (2005), “Policy and Regulatory Framework and SMEs Growth: The Case of Tanzania”, A paper presented at the 8th Annual International Conference on African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (ICAESB) 2005: “SME Growth and Africa’s Economic Development”, White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, September 1 -2.


  1. Mwinyimvua, H.H. and L. R. Rutasitara (2005), Economic Policies in Support of MDGs and Poverty Reduction: The Case of Tanzania. A paper presented at the UNOPS Workshop of the Regional Programme in Support of MDGs and Poverty Reduction, Kigali, Rwanda, March 21-23, 2005.
  2. Mwinyimvua, H.H. (2005), “Assessment and Perspectives on the Macroeconomic Policy Framework”, A paper for the President’s Office – Planning and Privatization (POPP), May.
  3. Mwinyimvua, H.H. (2004), “Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS)” – A Discussion Paper presented at the Stakeholders’ Annual Review of the Multi-sectoral Response against HIV/AIDS in Tanzania; 10th – 12th Feb., Royal Palm, Dar es Salaam.
  4. Mwinyimvua, H.H. (2004), “HIV/AIDS Input for Poverty Reduction Strategy II” – A paper prepared for TACAIDS and UNDP – Dar es Salaam; June.
  5. Mwinyimvua, H.H. (2001), “The Tanzania Economy: Endowment and Performance Discussion in the context of Development Corridors”. A paper presented at the NDC’s Spatial Development Initiatives (SDI) Training Workshop at the COURTYARD Hotel, October 23-26, 2001, Dar es Salaam.
  6. Mwinyimvua, H.H. (1999), “Review of Tanzania’s Recent Macroeconomic Performance”. A paper prepared and submitted to the World Bank – DSM as a Contribution to Chapter 1 of the Tanzania Country Economic Memorandum (CEM).
  7. Mwinyimvua, H.H. and ESRF (1997), “Dar es Salaam City Commission Finances”, A Consultancy Report for CTI, January.
  8. Mwinyimvua, H.H. and ESRF (1997), “Revenue Budget Proposals for 1996/97: A Synthesis of Views from the Business Community”, A Report submitted to the Government of Tanzania, May.
  9. Mwinyimvua, H.H., S.M. Wangwe and H.H. Semboja (1997), “Proposals on Taxation of the Agricultural Sector”, Report for Ministry of Finance, March.



Mobile:  +255-784-471838; +255-713-783643

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