Contact details
Title: M/s
Name: Halima Mfaume
College/School/Division: College Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Role: Assistant lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Ms Halima Mfaume is an Assistant lecturer in the Department of Zoology and Wildlife Conservation under the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Dar Es Salaam. She was employed at UDSM in 2010 as a Tutorial Assistant under the Domain of Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology. She holds a BSc in Education degree (2010), MSc in Zoology degree (2018) and currently undertaking her PhD in Zoology (both from UDSM).

Halima Mfaume teaches undergraduate courses including Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Physiology, Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology, Physiology of Nutrition and Applied Zoology Practical courses.

Ms Mfaume has a desire to research more on Reproductive Physiology and Reproductive disorders.

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