Contact details
Title: Prof
Name: Elliott Phillemons Niboye
College/School/Division: Institute of Development Studies
Role: Associate Professor
Current Summarised CV:

Prof. Elliott Niboye is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He holds a Doctorate degree from Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. His earlier training was carried out at the University of Dar es Salaam (B Ed (Sc.) and MA, Demography) and Australian National University (Grad Dip in Environment Management and Development). He is a holder of a Dip Ed in Sc from former Mkwawa College. Prof. Niboye has researched, consulted, and published widely. His works cover areas of social economic security in urban areas, special rural settlements, adaptations in stressed environments, globalization, HIV/AIDS, environmental resource use and accounting, child labor, population dynamics, and demography. Prof. Niboye has more than 30 journal articles and book chapters published in peer-reviewed local and international journals. He has been a member of many research and evaluation teams covering various developmental issues of national interest and has consulted for UN agencies and Government entities. Prof. Niboye has supervised more than 40 MA and postgraduate students from the University of Dar es Salaam and the Centre for Foreign Relations. He has also supervised more than 10 Ph.D. candidates at UDSM and the Open University of Tanzania. Prof Niboye is a recipient of many awards. He received scholarships from UNFPA (1989), AIDAB (1994), and OED, Austria (1997), Post Doc Research Grant from OSSREA (2005), a Research Grant from SIDA SAREC (2005), a Research Grant from REPOA (2006 and 2010), Research Grant from VICRES (2007) and Research Grant from OSSREA (2011), Best Worker Awards for Academic Staff of Institute of Development Studies for two consecutive years (2009, 2010). Prof Niboye was Associate Director for the Institute of Development Studies (2012) and Postgraduate Studies Coordinator (2007 -2010).


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