Contact details
Title: Dr
Name: Elizabeth Godwin Mahenge
College/School/Division: Institute of Kiswahili Studies
Role: Lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Elizabeth Godwin Mahenge, Am Kiswahili teacher for native students as well as Kiswahili for foreigners and creative author. My first goal is to make sure Kiswahili is spread all over the world. My second goal to empower native of this language to use it as a “capital” for investment (self-employment via Kiswahili language). Am cheerful person, eager to learn. Am happy to see other people are succeeding. Am the founder of the name TBC ARIDHIO and TBC KAIFA (for the news program aired by TBC 1 and TBC FM in 2020 March and May respectively). I have taught many students who are now great creative authors in this country and many others are working in the private and government sectors. I have written a book like a guideline on “how to teach Kiswahili for foreigners”. The book’s title id Kiswahili kwa Wageni: Kiongozi cha Mwalimu. (The book teaches how to teach and the syllabus is included). I have opened my online website for teaching foreigners Kiswahili language online on one side; and teaching teachers of Kiswahili for foreigners on the other. Contact me at +255737872994 or

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