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Title: Dr
Name: Daudi J. Msangameno
College/School/Division: Institute of Marine Sciences
Role: Lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Dr. Daudi Joachim Msangameno holds a PhD in marine sciences from the University of Dar es salaam, specializing in benthic ecology. His current major areas of research and consulting interests are on the ecology of marine intertidal habitats, Integrated Coastal Zone Management and ocean and coastal biodiversity data management. He is currently employed as a lecturer at the Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Dar es salaam where he teaches a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and modules including, on Biological Oceanography; Intertidal Community Ecology; Numerical Ecology and Biostatistics; Scientific Writing and Communication; and Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Dr. Msangameno also serves as the Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, Quality Assurance and Intellectual Property for the Institute of Marine Sciences. He has been involved in a number of research and consultancy projects both nationally and regionally. These include the development of the Marine Litter Action Plan for the Western Indian Ocean Region and Elements for the Ocean Governance Strategy for Africa under auspices of UNEP. He is also the current National Coordinator for the Marine Ecosystems Diagnostic Analysis (MEDA) for Tanzania. He has authored or co-authored a number of publications, including the recently launched book on 'Exercises in Marine Biodiversity and Ecology', and a contribution on the Western Indian Ocean State of the Coast Report. He is a Co-Editor of the soon to be published Tanzania State of the Coast report.



University of Dar es Salaam, Institute of Marine Sciences, Buyu Campus,

P.O. Box 668, Zanzibar, TANZANIA,

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