Contact details
Title: Mr
Name: Athumani Kibegwa Mkwawa
College/School/Division: School Of Mines And Geosciences
Role: Laboratory technician II
Current Summarised CV:

2021 up to date; working at laboratories of school of mines and Geosciences, especially Petroleum  Laboratory, UDSM.

2018 to 2021; working at chemical and petroleum  laboratory of chemical and mining engineering department, UDSM.

2019; Two weeks Training on core  flooding rig and associated activities  at Equinor research center Rotvoll,  Norway.

2019;  Reservoir engineering  Laboratory training at Norwegian  University of Science and Technology (NTNU) for two Months

2018; Working at College of Natural  and Mathematical Sciences (CNMS-UDOM) laboratories as intern  laboratory technician for 5 months

2017/2018 Working at Geological  Survey of Tanzania ( GST) in Chemical Laboratory section for 8 months as  volunteer laboratory technician.

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