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Name: Anitha Byabato Philbert
College/School/Division: College Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Role: Lecturer
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+255784454541/ +255676632919

Anitha Philbert is a lecturer in the department of Zoology and Wildlife Conservation of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Tanzania. Anitha earned her PhD from University of Dar es Salaam in Applied Zoology with a focus on vector biology with support from the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) and The Germany Academic Exchange (DAAD) in 2016. Dr. Anitha is involved in teaching (zoological courses) and supervising both undergraduate and postgraduate students (Zoology majors). Her research interest is on vector-borne diseases (Malaria, Dengue, RVF and Yellow Fever vectors). Dr. Anitha is currently working on two projects: one is establishing the effect of vector resistance on malaria parasite transmission potentials. Another project is characterizing vectors and serotypes for non-malaria febrile in regions which had have arboviral infections outbreaks in recent past in Tanzania.  Drawing from her past experiences, Anitha has a strong passion to research on of vector-borne diseases. She is also interested in multidesplinary work, bridging scientists, policy makers and local communities towards creating a vector borne diseases free world.

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