Contact details
Title: Mr
Name: Alfayo Maungu Allen
College/School/Division: Institute of Kiswahili Studies
Role: Principal Administrative Officer I
Current Summarised CV:

Is endowed with solid background in administration and human resources management emanated from his well-grounded experience in discharging public services in multiple capacities in public and private institutions.

As a junior staff discharging public services to the clients diligently thus elevated in file and ranks to the senior positions, in a num.ber of occasions he participated in a number of noticeable platforms of national interest. This include but not limited to drafting, documenting, organizing establishment of policies, guidelines, programs and related statutes suitable for managing and regulating public entities as well as regulating conducts of private institutions.

He joined UDSM in 2019 and posted in the Directorate of Planning, Development and Investment where he served for a year before transferred to the College of Humanities.

In August 2022 he was transferred to the Institute of Kiswahili Studies and as a proponent of Kiswahili hegemony has align with the management of the institute in making sure that his managerial expertise is well combined with the gifted experts in Kiswahili language thus contribute to realization of both the national and international zeal under UNESCO’s auspice to keep Kiswahili at the upper position it deserves

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