Prof. Nicholas Nicholas Ngondo Nditi


Nicholas Nicholas Ngondo Nditi is an Associate Professor of Law at the Department of Economic Law. He is also the head of the same department. Professor Nditi’s career within the University spans for over four decades. He joined the School (then Faculty of Law) in 1976, and since then, he has continued to teach passionately to date. Majority of Tanzanian legal minds, even those within the School teaching staff are products of his vigorous academic career. Prof. Nditi holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LL. B-1975), Master of Laws degree (LL. M 1978), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph. D-1988) from the University of Dar es Salaam. Prof. Nditi has specialised in the Law of Contract, Banking Law, Law of Negotiable Instruments, and Commercial and Consumer Transactions Law.

Prof. Nditi is also an Advocate, Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths. Since 1996, Prof Nditi is a member of Tanganyika Law Society and East Africa Law Society; the Bar Associations for Tanzania mainland and East African countries respectively. Since 2016, he is also a board member of Tanzania Women’s Bank.


Prof. Nditi has published extensively in the areas of his specialisation. Below are some of his selected publications.


  • General Principles of Contract Law in East Africa, Dar Es Salaam University Press, 2009.

Journal Articles

  • Efficacy of Legal and Institutional Framework Relating to Consumer Protection in Tanzania, Eastern Africa Law Review, 2015 Vol. 42 Issue No. 1
  • “Legal regulation of mobile money transfer service in Tanzania” (with Clara Mramba), Eastern Africa Law Review, 2015 Vol. 42 Issue 2.
  • “Legal and Practical Challenges Relating to the Regulation of Mergers and Acquisitions in Tanzania” (with Allan Mlulla), Zanzibar Yearbook of Law (ZYBL), 2016 Vol. 6.
  • “The Doctrine of Fundamental Breach: Recent Developments in England and its applicability in Tanzania”, Eastern Africa Law Review, 2000 combined issue vol. 20 – 27.


  • “Legal Regulation of Business Practices in Tanzania with Special Reference to Restrictive Trade Practices”, Eastern Africa Law Review, 2004 Combined Issue Vols. 31-34.

Research/Consultancy Reports

Professor Nditi has been engaged in different research and consultancies. Below are some of them.

  • Special Editor for Editing of Tanzania Tax Law Reports
  • Special Editor for Editing of Tanganyika Law Society Law Reports
  • Special Editor for Editing Tanzania Law Reports Legal Consultant: Africa Energy Programme: Energy and Development Project: Energy-Environment Interactions in Tanzania, (1994) (ADB). (Environmental lawyer: Tanzania Team, (with Prof. P. Materu, Prof. T. Mbwette and Dr A. Nzali)
  • Legal Consultant: Draft Bills and Memorandum of Understanding Relating to the Separation and Future Cooperation of the Muhimbili Medical Centre and the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences/Proposed the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences and Related Matters (May 1998 with Prof. J.L. Kanywanyi).
  • Legal Consultant: Organizational Design Structure of the University of Dar es Salaam (May 1998 with Prof. H.J. Mosha, Prof. I.N. Kimambo and Dr C.O. Ngirwa).


Professor Nditi has done extensive supervision of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Some of his students are already having prominent positions in the country. Some of his recent Ph. D students are Rita Alice Mwaipopo, Zakayo Lukumay and Adam Mambi. Rita Alice Mwaipopo is now lecturing in the School. Zakayo Lukumay is the Deputy Principal of the Law School of Tanzania. Hon. Adam Mambi is a judge of the High Court of Tanzania. Their thesis titles are detailed below.

  • Rita Alice Mwaipopo,Intellectual Property Rights and the Regulation of Access to Genetic Resources in Tanzania, 2008.
  • Zakayo Lukumay, An Analysis of the Legal Basis for E-banking in Tanzania, 2011.
  • Adam Mambi, Legal Implications of Information and Communication Technology to Privacy and Freedom of Information in Tanzania Mainland and Kenya, 2014.