The word event can have several meanings in different fields like: Culture and Social life Science and Mathematics In technology In philosophy In our case here, let us concentrate in the first field of Culture and Social Life where it refers to the following connotations as outlined below: Festival, for example a musical event Ceremony, for example a marriage Competition for example a sports competition Party for example a birthday party Convention meeting for example gaining convention. The Office of the Dean of Students for this case tends to coordinate and organize some different events for UDSM community as follows: UDSM Sports Day: This is an event which normally takes place around October each year Workers’ sports and games; normally takes place around November each ear TUSA Games: starts from December Interfaculty sports and games competition: starts from May every year DARUSO General Elections: This takes place every after 1 year, normally in March. DARUSO Leaders Induction Seminar; around April First Years Orientation week Programme; conducted every year from August - September. EXHIBITION: The Dean of Students Office (DOSO) has only one Exhibition event which takes place normally from June to July every year in the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) where DOSO sells its day to day activities conducted by its units which are; Counseling Unit. Games and Sports unit. Students Governance and Judicatory. Catering Health and Accommodation Unit.