Counseling Unit

The Unit provides students with counseling support to enable them explore their life-situations in order to find out appropriate solutions for different problems and challenges that they may be facing. These can be explored from social, psychological, emotional academic and spiritual perspectives.

In this healing process, a student is assisted to strike a balance and take charge of his or her own life. Anything disclosed in counseling sessions or activities remains solely confidential.

The issues dealt with in the Unit include:

·Relationship Issues.

·Family issues.

·Loss and grief.

·Failure of all sorts.

·Postponement of studies on social grounds.

·Provision of para- counseling seminars to staff.

·Facilitation of group counseling whenever necessary.

·Conducting orientation talks.

·Preparations, facilitation and making follow up on peer education.

·Online counseling services where a student can access counseling    on phone or through email.

·Emergency counseling during orientation week to help the freshers to adjust to the new academic environment, particularly in time management, access to information, self-discipline as a university student and social networking.