Appealing Process



1. The right to appeal shall be open for every candidate aggrieved by coursework/dissertation/thesis/graduate project/research paper/essay results.

2. Appeals must be lodged within six months from the date of approval of the results.

3. Any appeal shall be lodged with the Board of the Appellant’s College/ School/Institute, which shall forward the appeal with recommendations to the SPSC, whose observations and recommendations will be forwarded to Senate for approval.

4. Except where unfair marking, wrong computation of marks or grades or other like irregularity committed in the conduct of the examination is alleged, no appeal shall lie in respect of any such examination on any ground.

5. No appeal will be considered where

      i. The candidate appeals for re-marking of examination script but fails to establish reasonable grounds for prejudice, incompetence, or lack of integrity on the part of the internal examiner.

      ii. It rises for the first time issues concerning the supervision, teaching or coursework assessment. Such matters will only be considered if they had been raised by the student promptly and in writing, at the time when they first arose.

      iii. A student alleges illness or other factors but where she/he had an opportunity to     postpone studies or examination(s) but voluntarily opted not to take that opportunity.

6. Any member of the appellant’s College, School or Academic Institute Board who participated in the making of the decision against which appeal is lodged shall not have a voting right in the Senate over such an appeal and may participate herein only in terms of presentation of findings and recommendations of the appellant’s College, School or Academic Institute Board by answering queries, as the case may be, and shall otherwise be absent from the Senate session considering any such appeal.

7. Any student or candidate aggrieved by a decision of Senate on terms of the provisions of regulation regarding examination irregularities may apply for review of the decision by the Senate.

8. Application made under regulation 6.5 shall be lodged directly with the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academics who shall forward them to the Senate with      observations and recommendations herein.

9.  Any person who has been involved at any stage in the processing of a case of alleged commission of examination irregularity, whether at first instance or in the preparation for the appeal, shall be barred from participating in the decision making decision over such a case, except for the purpose of making a presentation of findings or recommendations or answering queries, as the case may be, in respect thereof and shall otherwise be absent from the Senate session considering such appeal.

10. The candidate’s appeal shall be entertained upon payment of an appeal fee amounting TZS. 20,000/=

11. A student may appeal to the Chairman Senate against the decision of the Senate on his/her appeal by lodging the appeal through the DVC in charge of academics. Such an appeal shall only be entertained if it had at first been rejected by Senate and if the student presents new developments and/or grounds that were not and could not be made available to Senate. 

12. The Chairman of Senate’s decision on an appeal shall be final and conclusive and no further appeal shall be entertained regarding the same issue.

13. The decision of the Chairman of Senate shall be reported to Senate for Noting