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The Alumni Office of the University of Dar es Salaam is responsible for maintaining and growing an interactive network of engaged alumni around the world as well as to harness their goodwill, love and support for UDSM. The alumni office continuously initiate various targeted initiatives designed to engage current students and former graduates of the University of Dar es Salaam.

  • One of our initiatives is the Alumni of the Month programme. Through this programme we publish profiles of notable Alumni who have significantly contributed to the national and global community through their years of service. This serves to express the university’s pride of our alumni, to applaud and appreciate of their roles, to remind them of their times at UDSM and to profile the products of the university to the world. The programme also aims to set mentorship standards to our current students and recent alumni.
  • Another initiative is the Alumni Visits. Through this programme, we organise to visit and talk with some of our notable alumni. This programme aims to enhance individual alumni engagement and harness their support in terms of ideas and comments, link to other alumni or a network of alumni, link to engagement with the private sector and other forms of resource mobilization. This platform is a priority for the Alumni office.
  • Our coming up initiative is the Alumni Student Club whose key function will be to prepare current UDSM students for the role they will play as future UDSM alumni. We plan on innovative ways to attract young alumni in order to encourage their active participation in shaping the future of the university. This will be a youth lead project.

Without an active, coordinated and engaged alumni network, it would be difficult for the UDSM to position itself and fundraise effectively. We kindly invite you to become an active UDSM Alumni.

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