The one-day induction seminar for academic members of staff who will take part in supervising student-teachers during the forthcoming Teaching Practice kicked off yesterday at the College.

The Teaching Practice, popularly known in short as TP, is hosted at the Faculty of Education under the Practicum office.

The TP period is the time in which college student-teachers teach in different secondary schools across the country. The students apply both content subjects and pedagogical theories acquired at the college during lectures and seminars in actual classroom teaching.

Speaking on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Education, the Associate Dean of the faculty, Dr. Budeba Petro Mlyakado, said that it is important for all the supervisors to observe ultimate care in handling the student-teachers during the TP.

‘It is important for us at supervisors to take pro-active advisory roles to help our student-teachers grow professionally,’ Dr. Mlyakado said observing that mishandling leads to mistrust between supervisors and student-teachers.

The Acting Deputy Principal (Academic), Dr. Hezron Onditi, said TP is not designed to cause panic in student-teachers to the extent that the student-teachers would feel uncomfortable with teaching but a precious moment of practical reflection of what they were taught at the college.

‘We need to cultivate friendly and collegiate relations with our students while in TP,’ Dr. Onditi who also dubs as the Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies (CUS) explained adding that the student-teachers might be passing through issues which would only be resolved if the supervisors are approachable enough.

The TP Practicum, Dr. Nyanjiga Rukondo, welcomed all the supervisors onboard urging them to observe the laws and regulations governing the professional conduct of the TP.

‘The TP by-laws are there to ensure that these student-teachers and their supervisors forge working student-supervisor relations,’ Dr. Rukondo said noting that clashes between supervisors and student-teachers arise from the breach of the established regulations.

The TP this year is scheduled between 29th July and 20th September 2019. About 90 DUCE supervisors will join their colleagues at the University of Dar es Salaam – Mwalimu Nyerere Campus, and Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE) doing TP supervision across the country.