On 22nd August 2021, DUCE participated in the Uhuru torch race at Temeke District. The Uhuru torch race preparation committee was organised by the office of the Temeke District Commissioner. DUCE, like other Public Institutions located at Temeke district prepared various showcases for the event at Wailes grounds -Temeke.

The Uhuru torch race was supported with the slogan ‘Information technology is the basic requirement to the sustainable nation’. Speaking to this special occasion, Josephine Mwambasha, who was the fore-runner of the Uhuru tourch,  said …we use technological skills in paying our bills and exchanging information both locally and internationally. We also use such technological skills in researching on agriculture, health and general environment; With technology the world seem to remain as a village…

In their pavilion, DUCE Team demonstrated the role of ICT in research, teaching and learning, with the aid of the project namely, Digitalizing Our Schools for Success (DOSS). This project is an innovative approach for improving communication between teachers and parents to reduce dropouts in Secondary schools in Tanzania. DOSS seeks to address the issue of increased school dropouts and students indiscipline as associated with weak communication between teachers and parents. DUCE Team assured the audience that a piloting study on the same project is undertaken to three schools in Temeke, but expecting to extend more widely. 

Also, the showcasing involved marketing undergraduate, postgraduate programmes and short courses. DUCE Team showcased the College Journal of Education, Humanities and Science (JEHS), College newsletters and some books written by academic members of staff. The platform had an opportunity of marketing the demonstration schools and health services found in the college.

The Uhuru torch exhibitions continued over-night at Zakhem grounds - Mbagala. At such grounds other institutions provided health services such as donating blood, HIV testing, provision of COVID-19 vaccination and testing other diseases including diabetes and blood pressure.