Dar es Salaam University of College of Education (DUCE) in collaboration with Wezesha Binti na Mama Mjasiriamali (WBM) conducted an entrepreneurship tour seminar, on Saturday 25th April, 2021. The program aimed at empowering students with entrepreneurial skills. It also provided a platform for the participants to share their experiences as entrepreneurs while still studying and thereafter.

The Deputy Principal (Administration), Dr. Method Samwel Semiono, gave opening remarks on behalf of the Principal. He thanked the organizers for conducting the seminar. He expressed his appreciation to the panelists for attending and sharing their expertise; and urged the students to use such learning opportunity in their career endeavours.

Latifa Mohamed, who is the founder of WBM, said her Organization, being a Non-Governmental aims at empowering women, economically and socially. She further said, WBM focuses on promoting gender equality, creating entrepreneurial mindsets, and improving women’s health.

The Guest Speaker, who is also the Temeke District Commissioner Mr. Godwin Gondwe, presented an inspirational speech encouraging students on entrepreneurial pathway. Mr. Gondwe urged students to discover, explore and nurture their hidden talents for they can be great sources of income. He cited examples of footballers such as Josse Miquissone (Simba) and Michael Sapong (Young Africans) who earn living through their talents. He pointed that some students whilst studying might discover their talents in something else, not related to their studies, which is likely to create a source of income before and after their graduation, this would increase their chances of success.

Mr. Gondwe advised students to ensure they have the right idea before venturing into a business. He explained that having the right idea means knowing relevant themes before commencement: customers to target, their availability, financial muscle and implications, time devotion and commitment. He warned that without proper planning and focus, the business is most likely to fail especially during the first year, when many entrepreneurs undergo the test of endurance, with resource outflows being greater than inflows. Gondwe was quoted… Begin your end in mind. Your ending does not care about the process. People are failing because they don’t know their destiny. If you fall six times, get up in the seventh time. The success isn’t such simple…

The event was comprised of panelists who were introduced by the master of ceremony, Mr. Julius Warioba. During her presentation, a motivational speaker, Ms. Sophia Byanaku, who is also the Director of Operations- Doctors Plaza, focused on entrepreneurship experience where she shared her personal struggles as an entrepreneur. She emphasized that students should never be embarrassed with what they do, especially if such a business that peers might perceive as not of their level as graduates.

The event was successful since hundreds of University students across the city attended, and received free educational skills that meant to change students’ mentally towards entrepreneurship and consequently, increase success avenues after school.