On Wednesday, 21st April 2021, DUCE under the Office of the Coordinator, Demonstration Schools presented a proposal to institute School Based Continuous Profession Learning (SBCPL) at its Demonstration Schools.

A team of experts from DUCE presented a proposal for establishing SBCPL to the College Management, an event that took place at DUCE Board Room. Mr. Simon Shayo (presenter) explained that, in the implementation of the program, teachers will be divided into Teacher Groups (TGs) according to the subjects they teach in order to make it easier to provide them with professional mentorship. The groups will also serve as Research Groups (RGs) in which teachers will conduct action research in solving daily school challenges, especially those related to students’ learning.  

Under this plan, teachers will be engaging in continuous professional development while at school. This plan aligns with that of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in which SBCPL will, in the near future, be popularized and implemented in the whole country.

In this case, once the piloting is done and enough evidence is gathered, the Demonstration Schools will serve as national key experimental schools, where other schools will come to learn on the best practices of SBCPL.

Thisprogram is envisioned to enhance the quality of teachersand subsequently students’achievement. As opposed to one-time professional development seminars, SBCPL will improve teachers’sense of ownership for their own learning thus maximizing their professional autonomy. 

The Principal of Dar es Salaam University College of Education, Prof. Stephen Maluka said the College Management appreciates the proposal which islikely tobrandthe Demonstration Schools as national key experimental schools.

He also insisted that in order to identify the successes and challenges of the program, several researchesand tryouts should be conducted before itis implemented to other schools. In other words, The Principal was impressedwith the initiativeandsaid if it is successful, other institutionsmay be invited to the program, as quoted"Charity begins at home, wewant to see how it works at our schools", Prof. Maluka emphasized.