DUCE through Gender Diversity Unit launched a Gender Research Centre (GRC) on 19th January 2023. The event was conducted at the College Boardroom. The general objective of GRC is to enable DUCE become a hub of research and trainings that support national and social movements.

The launching ceremony was officiated by the Head of Mission and Head of Development Cooperation of Irish embassy in Tanzania, Ms. Mags Gaynor. The event was eye witnessed by College Principal, Prof. Stephen Maluka, DUCE Management, participants from Higher Learning Institutions, embassies, NGOs and CBOs.

In her welcoming note, the GRC Coordinator, Dr. Cresencia Masawe said GRC shall focus on training and research on gender approaches in education. She also said GRC will emphasize on gender influence in education and oversee its impact on the labour market, family and health outcomes, among others.

The Deputy Principal (ARC), Dr. Christina Raphael said DUCE community has to celebrate because GRC is one of the achieved milestones for the GATE project. She disclosed that GATE and GRC have been mentored by Diversity Unit. She further enlightened that the two organs have facilitated the capacity building for academicians through trainings and workshops on gender. Dr. Raphael concluded that DUCE management is enthusiastic to provide all the support to this newly developed centre.

On his side, the College Principal, Prof. Maluka was delightfully impressed by activities and the maturity of Diversity Unit. He also commended that concerted efforts are required to enable GRC become the centre of excellence.

Speaking during the event, Ms. Mags Gaynor said the Irish embassy will maintain cooperation with GRC simply because GRC is committed to women’s development, examining social norms and gender based activities. Ms Mags Gaynor was optimistic that GRC is the organ that will generally shape peoples’ life.