The long standing partnership between DUCE and the University of Saints Cyril and Methodius University at Trnava-Slovakia, would not be explained without mentioning Dr. Emilia Bihariova- a committed anthropologist and benevolent philanthropist.

Her zest and zeal to work in Tanzania for the underprivileged girls took Dr. Bihariova to the Datooga community in Igunga District (Tabora Region) where a project for Datooga girls’ education was conceived and implemented since. Her parents and colleagues mentioned that her heart was in Tanzania and they felt she was more a Tanzanian than a Slovacky!

Her contribution has also been observed in academic staff development via the award of PhD scholarship to Ms. Hija Urassa and Mr. Ayo Stephen who have already proceeded to Slovakia for their studies, and Mr. Kerindo Sumara who received the award recently will be joining them in the next academic year.

Other academic members of staff will always remember Dr. Bihariova for exchange programs. In April 2019, Dr. Bihariova arranged for Dr. Samwel Mhajida, Dr. Amani Lusekelo, Ms. Miriamand Mr. Kerindo Sumara to visit Slovakia, the trip which exposed these staff members to research and academic activities.

We are grieved that the life of Dr. Bihariova was cut short by a tragic road accident while in the field in Igunga, Tabora Region, on 12thAugust 2019. Her parents said she died where her heart belonged and to the people she loved most. DUCE appreciates the University of Saints Cyril and Methodius University through her Faculty Dean Prof. Katarina Slobodová Nováková who committed to honourour link and continues to strengthen it in Dr. Bihariova's absence. 

We will always remember and miss you!